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9th-10th Jan Training Camp - Shropshire NEW Sat-Sun
7th Feb East Midlands Open Sun 50 people capacity, 830am-7pm
20th Feb Welsh Open Sat David Lloyd Cardiff 12pm-19.00
27th Feb Loughborough University (internal)* Sat
13 March

Yorkshire Open (Batley)

28th March Essex Open Monday Redbridge Sports and Leisure Centre
3rd April County Champs (Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City) Sun
10th April West Hants Taster Event* Sun Bournemouth
10th April West of England Open NEW EVENT TO THE TOUR Sun
23rd April Northern Ireland 2nd Racketlon Open* Sat Dromore Community Centre singles
1st-2nd May English Open (Redbridge) Sun-Mon Redbridge Sports and Leisure Centre
14-15th May British Champs Sat-Sun Guildford, Surrey Sports Park singles and doubles
3rd-5th June King of Rackets - Belgium Fri-Sun
12th June East Anglia Open Sun
19th June Shropshire Open Sun
26th June Staffordshire Open Sun Keele University
10th July North West Open Sun The Northern, Manchester
24th July Kent Open Sun
28th-31st Jul World Doubles & Team - Denmark Thurs-Sun
19th-21st Aug Racket Masters Fri-Sun
4th Sep South Eastern Open Sun
11th Sep North of England Open Sun
18th Sep Richard Lawrence Open Sat (pm)-Sun White Horse Leisure Centre, Abingdon
Sat (doubles), Sun (Singles)
23rd-25th Sep Malta Open Fri-Sun
30th Oct Herts Open
24th-27th Nov WC Singles - Germany Thurs-Sun
TBC Hampshire, Bath, Uni Champs, Cambridgeshire,
TBC South Yorkshire, Northumbria, Lancashire, Bedfordshire
*non tour event



*Non Tour event
8th Feb 2015 County Champs Sun Dudley - David Lloyd Team
21st-22nd Feb 2015 CH Welsh Open** Sat-Sun Cardiff - David Lloyd Singles, Doubles
21st-22nd Feb 2015 Cardiff Invitational Taster Sat-Sun Cardiff - David Lloyd Singles, Doubles
1st March 2015 Colchester Closed* Sun University of Essex Singles
8th March 2015 Yorkshire Open Sun Batley Singles
5th April 2015 Folkestone Taster Session* Sun Folkestone Singles
6th April 2015 Essex Open Mon Redbridge Singles
19th April 2015 South of England Open Sun Letchworth Singles
25th April 2015 Northern Ireland Racketlon* Sat Northern Ireland
25th April 2015 Grafton Taster Session* Sat Grafton Squash & Tennis Club, Balham
26th April 2015 Hampshire Taster Session* Sun Romsey Rapids & Mountbatten School
17th May 2015 Shropshire Open Sun Shrewsbury Club & SSRC Singles

30th-31st May 2015

British Champs Sat-Sun Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park Singles, Doubles
13th June 2015 Jesus College Racketlon* Sat Cambridge University Singles
28th June 2015 Hazelgrove School Racketlon* Sun Somerset
4th July 2015 Staffordshire Open Sat Keele University Singles
5th July 2015 University Championships Sun Keele University Singles, Doubles
5th July 2015 Surrey Open Sun Bourne Club Singles
25th July 2015 Radlett Taster Racketlon* Sun Radlett Squash & Tennis Club
1st August 2015 Ebbisham Racketlon* Sat Ebbisham Singles
7th-9th Aug 2015 SWT Racket Masters ENTER PDF Fri-Sun Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park Singles, Doubles
29th August 2015 Kent Open Sat Kings School Recreation Centre, Canterbury


6th Sep 2015 Woodford Wells Tri Rackets* Sun Woodford Wells Singles
6th Sep 2015 South Eastern Open Sun Limpsfield Singles
13th Sep 2015 North of England Open Sun York University Singles
20th Sep 2015 Radlett Taster Racketlon* Sun Radlett Squash & Tennis Club
27th Sep 2015 Richard Lawrence Open & ERA AGM Sun Oxford University Singles. Doubles
2nd-4th Oct 2015 IWT Malta Open ENTER PDF Fri-Sun Marsa Sports Club, Malta Singles, Doubles
4th Oct 2015 Malta Open Taster Event Sun Marsa Sports Club, Malta Singles
18th Oct 2015 Midlands Open
Sun Dudley - David Lloyd Singles
1st Nov 2015 Herts Open
Sun Letchworth Singles
14th-15th Nov 2015 Nottingham Open Sat-Sun Nottingham - David Lloyd Singles, Doubles
27th Dec Jersey Racketlon* Sun Jersey
27th Dec Cardiff Racketlon* Sun Cardiff

28th Dec Lisburn Racketlon* Mon Belfast
Note Malta Open is being organised by ERA
Dates Event Day Location Categories Launch Date
5th January 2014 Bedfordshire Open (1st) Sun Luton - Venue 360 Singles Nov 2013
15th Feb 2014 County Champs (5th) & ERA AGM Sat Dudley - David Lloyd Team 3rd Dec 2013
1st-2nd March 2014 CH Welsh Open (5th) Sat-Sun Cardiff - David Lloyd Singles, Doubles 16th Jan 2014
8th March 2014 Essex Racketlon Taster Session* Sat Southend - David Lloyd Singles 4th Feb 2014
16th March 2014 Yorkshire Open (1st) Sun Batley, West Yorkshire Singles 29th Jan 2014
30th March 2014 Manchester University Taster Session* Sun Manchester University Singles 19th Mar 2014
5th April 2014 British Universities Champs (1st) Sat Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park Singles 14th Feb 2014
5th-6th April 2014 British Champs (8th) Sat-Sun Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park Singles, Doubles 14th Feb 2014
11th May 2014 Wimbledon Racketlon Taster Session* Sun Wimbledon Singles 8th Apr 2014
20th May 2014 University of Bradford Taster Session* Tues Bradford University Singles 6th May 2014
26th May 2014 University of Surrey Charity Event* Mon Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park
Charity - Various 12th May 2014
26th May 2014 Folkestone Racketlon Taster Session* Mon Folkestone Singles 6th May 2014
26th May 2014 Redbridge Racketlon Tour* Mon Redbridge Sports Centre Singles 31st Mar 2014
1st June 2014 North of England Open (1st) Sun The Northern, Manchester Singles 31st Mar 2014
7th June 2014 Southamption Racketlon Taster Session* Sat Jem Tennis Singles 14th April 2014
15th June 2014 Surrey Open (4th) Sun Bourne Club Singles 11th Apr 2014
20th-22nd June 2014 West of Ireland Open FIR Challenger (1st) ** Fr-Sun Galway, Ireland Singles, Doubles 3rd Apr 2014
19th July 2014 Dorking Racketlon Taster Session* Sat Dorking, Surrey Singles 20th May 2014
19th July 2014 North Norfolk Racketlon Challenge (1st) Sat Cromer, Norfolk Singles 5th Jun 2014
26th July 2014 Ebbisham Racketlon* Sat Ebbisham, Surrey Singles 22nd July
1st-3rd August 2014 World Champs Training Camp Fri-Sun Nottingham University Training 30th Apr 2014
3rd August 2014 "Davis Cup" Racketlon Sun Nottingham University Team 20th Jun 2014
21st-24th August 2014 14th FIR World Championships Singles ***** Wed-Sun Guildford - University of Surrey, Surrey Sports Park Singles 21st Feb 2014
6th Sepember Racketlon Open Day* Sat Bourne Club Training 23rd August
13th September 2014 Woodford Wells Racketlon Taster Session* Sat Woodford Wells, Essex Singles 1st September 2014
14th September 2014 Limpsfield Open (3rd) Sun Limpsfield, Surrey Singles 20th August 2014
27th September 2014 Richard Lawrence Open (1st) Sat Oxford University Singles 25th August 2014
12th Oct 2014 Midlands Open Sun Dudley - David Lloyd
Singles 29th August 2014
25th Oct 2014 Wimbledon Club Closed Championships* Sat Wimbledon Singles 6th October 2014
26th Oct 2014 Colchester Closed* Sun Colchester Singles 30th Sep 2014
2nd Nov - 2014 Herts Open (6th) Sun Letchworth Squash & Tennis Club Singles 30th Sep 2014
22nd Nov 2014 Eastgate Club Sat Eastgate Club Singles 5th November 2014
30th Nov 2014 West Hants Club Sun West Hants Singles 27th November 2014
30th Nov 2014 Surrey Closed Team Event* (Members Taster) Sun Bourne Club Team 9th October 2014
28th December 2014 Jersey Tri-Racketlon Sun Caesarean Tennis Club
Singles 8th December 2014

***** - World Championships, highest ranking factor and 1st time in England

** - FIR Challenger, world ranking points available

* - Non Tour event

2014 World Tour Announced / FIR Tournament Software site / 2014 World Tour Poster

World Tour 2015

1.      2-4 Jan                  IWT Vienna Classics        Austria

2.      20-22 Feb               IWT Swedish Open          Malmö

3.      17-19 April              IWT Czech Open             Prague

4.      22-24 May              IWT Danish Open            Copenhagen

5.      5-7 June                 SWT King of Rackets       Oudenaarde/Belgium

6.     20-21 June             IWT Granby Canada

7.      26-28 June              IWT 9. Swiss Open         Zürich

8.      25 - 27 July             IWT German Open          Nussloch

9.      7 – 9 August           SWT Racket Masters         Surrey/London

10.      28 – 30 August        IWT ALTERNATE Open     Linden/Germany

11.  11–13 September    SWT Austrian Open          WrNeudorf/Vienna

12.  2-4 October            IWT Malta Open             Malta

13.  16–18 October          IWT Finnish Open           Kauniainen

14.  30 oct – 1 nov IWT Hungarian Open       Budapest

15.  End November European Championships

Any time of the year other Continental Championships


2013 Racketlon Events

*Defines non Tour events.

Dates Event Day Location Categories
2nd Feb 2013 Wimbledon Racketlon * Sat Wimbledon Singles (members only)
16th-17th Feb 2013 Welsh Open (4th) Sat & Sun Cardiff Singles on Saturday, Doubles on Sunday
1st April 2013 Easter Racketlon * Mon Redbridge, Essex Singles
1st April 2013 Folkestone Racketlon * Mon Folkestone, Kent Singles
6th April 2013 County Champs (4th) Sat Letchworth, Herts Team
7th April 2013 Herts Open (5th) Sun Letchworth, Herts Singles
25th April Essex University * Thurs Essex Singles
11th-12th May 2013 English Champs (7th) Sat & Sun Haileybury, Hertford Singles & Doubles Poster Player Info 10 reasons to play
8th June 2013 Dorset Open Sat Wareham Singles Poster
15th June 2013 Broxtowe Junior Racketlon * Sat Broxtowe (Nottingham) Junior Singles
16th June 2013 Cambridgeshire Open (4th) Sun Soham, Ely Singles Poster
16th June 2013 Broxtowe Adult Racketlon * Sun Broxtowe (Nottingham) Singles
23rd June 2013 Chichester Junior Racketlon * Sun Chichester Junior Singles
13th July 2013 Cheshire Open (1st) Sat Chester Singles Poster
21st July 2013 East Anglian Open * Sun Culford Singles Poster
3rd August 2013 Sussex Open (5th) Sat Horsham, Sussex Singles
18th August 2013 South of London Open (6th) Sun Dulwich Singles
23rd-25th August 2013 British Open / Enter on RR (7th) Fri-Sun (Mon) Manchester Singles & Doubles. (+Excursion).
15th September 2013 South Eastern Open (2nd) Sun Limpsfield, Surrey Singles
28th September Nottingham Racketlon * Sat Nottingham Singles
27th-30th September Centre Parcs - Training Camp (1st) * Fri-Mon Suffolk Training / Matches
6th October Bournemouth Racketlon * Sun Bournemouth Singles
12th October Wimbledon Racketlon *
Sat Wimbledon Singles (members only)
25th-27th October 2013 English Open (12th) Fri-Sun Redbridge, London Doubles on Friday evening, Singles on weekend
15th November Bourne Club Racketlon * Fri eve Farnham, Surrey Team
29th December Xmas Racketlon * Sun Redbridge, London

Note for the first time, entry for the British Open and the English Open will be exclusively on ResultReporter - this includes payment for the first singles category.

Review the guidance per tournament for specific entry instructions but entry for the British Open & English Open will not be via

Note all events include a small £1 contribution to English Racketlon membership which is automatically subscribed upon entering a UK Tour event (non asterisk above).

Membership fees have been set based on participation so the more events played, the higher the membership fee contributed.

2013 World Tour

International Event Entry, Draws & Results

2012 Men's Final Video - Watch Below

All events are open to all. Visit the 'Advice' page for entry guidance. To get instructions on how to enter an event - click 'here' (entry instructions article on the news page). See individual event for confirmation of times and further details. Launched events clickable below plus live on tournament entry page.


2012 British Tour 
18th Feb Welsh Open (3rd) Sat Cardiff
24th-25th Mar English Champs (6th) Croydon
31st Mar Lancashire Open (2nd) Sun Blackburn
14th April Cambridgeshire Open (3rd) Sat Huntingdon
5th May British Champs (7th) Sat Dudley
7th May Redbridge Racketlon Mon Redbridge
27th May Manchester Open (1st) Sun Didsbury, Manchester
16th Jun Stealth Surrey Open (3rd) Sat Croydon
30th Jun Nottinghamshire Open (5th) Sat Nottingham
7th July South London Open (5th) Sat Dulwich
21st July Sussex Open (4th) Sat Horsham
19th Aug South Eastern Racketlon Open (1st) Sun Limpsfield, Surrey
2nd Sept Hertfordshire Open (5th) Sun Letchworth

29th-30th Sep

Stealth British Open (6th) RR- Register & Information

Stealth British Open .org - Payment & Information


6th-7th Oct Scottish Open (10th) Edinburgh

26th-28th Oct

English Open & Champions League (11th) RR - Register & Information

English Open & Champions League .org - Payment & Information



18th Nov British Doubles Championships Sun Letchworth
30th Dec Xmas Redbridge Racketlon Sun Redbridge

Racketlon Paper Based Entry Form & Cheque Payment (check tournament webpages for full details). CLICK HERE

If you are interested in hosting an event please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2012 Non British Tour Events


2012 FIR World Tour
3rd Mar University of Essex Racketlon Colchester
4th-5th Aug Broxtowe Racketlon (Chilwel Olympia Sports Ctr) *INFO* Nottingham

World Tour (WT) & World Tour Challenger (WTC) events are part of the FIR sanctioned World Tour, attracting international competitors & earning players World ranking points in addition to British ranking points, which are awarded at a higher level than regional tour events.

Register to this site, here, if you have not already done so. You will need to register to enter British tour events. You can also register on result reporter where we are building a global racketlon players database, helping the formalisation of the sport. This is the common entry system for International events.


Previous Events
Scottish Open 2012 - Results(PDF)
Stealth British Open 2012 - Podium & Report - Results(PDF)
Hertfordshire Open 2012 - Podium & Report - Results(PDF)
South Eastern Open 2012Podium & Report Results(PDF)
Sussex Open 2012Podium & ReportResults(PDF)

2012 Tour Prospects

Barnstaple, Bradford, Bristol, Dudley, Eastbourne, Gloucester, Hammersmith, Hatfield, Ipswich, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Okehampton, Plymouth, Ringwood, Sheffield, St Austell, Teesside, Tiverton, Wimbledon, Worthing,

Please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have a tour event prospect, would like to assist in any way with a tour event or prospect or would like to know more.

Events Archive

Below is the entire historical event list from the 2002 inception of British racketlon, with UK non-tour events included from 2008. It's a great way to see whether racketlon has reached your area of the country & an encouragement to either re-establish racketlon in your area, or help get racketlon established at a local venue. We have also created a record of past winners: Roll of Honour

2011 Tour Events
22nd-23rd Jan English Championships (5th) Croydon, Surrey
6th Feb Cambridgeshire Open (2nd) Huntingdon
26th Feb Lancashire Open (1st) Blackburn
26th-27th Mar Stealth Surrey Open (2nd) Croydon, Surrey
23rd April Hertfordshire Open (4th) Letchworth
21st May British Singles Championships (6th) Dudley, West Midlands
16th July Nottinghamshire Open (4th) Nottingham
16th July Lawson Lewis Eastbourne Open (1st) Eastbourne
30th July Sussex Open (3rd) Horsham
19th-21st Aug Planancy English Open (IWT^) (10th) Redbridge, Essex
10th Sept South London Open (4th) Dulwich
25th Sept British Doubles Championships Letchworth, Hertfordshire
29th Oct National Team Championships (3rd)* & ERA AGM Letchworth, Hertfordshire
6th Nov British Open (5th) (IWTC^) Croydon, Surrey
27th Dec Xmas Redbridge Racketlon Redbridge, Essex

2011 Non Tour Events

16th Jan Bletchley Racketlon Milton Keynes
26th-27th Mar University of Kent Racketlon Canterbury
25th Apr Redbridge Racketlon Redbridge
14th-15th May Stratford on Avon Racketlon
Stratford on Avon
4th Jun CSSC Racketlon (CSSC Members Only) Birmingham
3rd Jul Folkestone Racketlon Folkestone
31st Jul-1st Aug Broxtowe Racketlon (Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre) Nottingham
7th Aug Folkestone Racketlon Folkestone
25th Sep Folkestone Racketlon Folkestone
27th Dec Xmas Redbridge Racketlon Redbridge, Essex

2010 British Tour 2010 Tour Poster
23rd-24th Jan English Championships (4th) Redbridge
21st Feb Hampshire Open (4th) Eastleigh
21st Mar Surrey Open (3rd) Croydon
17th-18th Apr Hertfordshire Open (3rd) Letchworth
1st May British Championships (5th) Welwyn Garden City
12th Jun Nottinghamshire Open (3rd) Nottingham
11th Jul South London Open (3rd) Dulwich
24th Jul Welsh Open (WTC*) (2nd) Cardiff
8th Aug Sussex Open (2nd) Horsham
20th-22nd Aug Planancy English Open (WT*)(9th) Redbridge
11th Sep National Team Champs (2nd) Letchworth
24th-26th Sep Scottish Open (WT*)(9th) Edinburgh
6th Nov Surrey Racketlon Circuit NEW Croydon

2010 Non Tour Events

27th Feb Essex University (students & staff) Colchester
2nd Apr Junior Racketlon (Good Friday) Redbridge
5th Apr Easter Monday Racketlon
18th Apr Central Open Scottish Racketlon Tour Stirling
3rd May May Bank Holiday Racketlon Redbridge
8th May Radlett Charity Racketlon Watford
22nd May CSSC Racketlon (CSSC members only) Welwyn Garden City
22nd May Five Rivers Leisure Centre Salisbury
2nd Jun Summer Slam 2010 (closed) Letchworth
Jun Chatsworth Tennis Club (date TBC) Carlisle
11th Jul Summer Racketlon Redbridge
1st-2nd Aug Broxtowe Racketlon (Chilwell Olympia Sports Centre) Notingham
16th-19th Aug Racketlon Training Camp Okehampton
28th-30th Aug Letchworth Racketlon (members only) Letchworth
30th Aug Summer Racketlon Redbridge
19th Sep Surrey Health & Raquets Club Racketlon //// RESULTS Croydon
4th Dec Wimbledon Racquets & Fitness Club (members only) Wimbledon
19th Dec Racket Sport Challenge (Bletchley Leisure Centre) Milton Keynes
28th Dec
Xmas Racketlon Redbridge

2009 British Tour
10th-11th Jan Carlton & Dunlop English Championships (3rd) Romford
21st-22nd Feb Hertfordshire Open (2nd)
28th-29th Mar
West Midlands Open (1st)
2nd-3rd May
Carlton & Dunlop British Open (WTC*)(4th) Welwyn Garden City
30th-31st May
Nottinghamshire Open (2nd)
21st Jun
Suffolk Open (1st)
28th Jun
South London Open (2nd)
11th Jul Sussex Open (1st)
1st Aug
Welsh Open (WTC*)(1st)
22nd-23rd Aug 8th English Open (WT*)(8th)
12th Sep National Team Championships (format)(1st)
25th-27th Sep Scottish Open (WT*)(8th)
31st Oct British Championships (4th) Welwyn Garden City

2009 Non Tour Events
14th Feb
Essex University (students & staff)
21st Feb
Heaton Tennis & Squash Club
7th-8th Mar
David Lloyd - Hampton (Amida)
18th Apr
Redbridge Sports Centre (CSSC) Redbridge
2nd May
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Open to all)
15th May
Arun Leisure Centre
Bognor Regis
12th Jun
Chatsworth Tennis Club
20th/21st Jun
Lister Tennis Club/Stevenage Squash Club Stevenage
5th Jul Redbridge Sport & Leisure Redbridge
1st Aug Chapel Allerton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Leeds
28th Dec Christmas Racketlon Redbridge

2008 British Tour
19th-20th Jan 2008 Carlton & Dunlop English Championships (2nd) Romford
17th Feb Cambridge Open (1st) Cambridge
16th Mar South West of England Open (1st) Bristol
12th-13th Apr British Championships (3rd) Dudley
10th May CSSC Closed Redbridge
17th-18th May British Open (3rd)
7th Jun
Nottingham Open (1st)
21st-22nd Jun Letchworth (Hertfordshire) Open (1st)
12th-13th Jul South of England Open (Cancelled) Eastbourne
26th Jul London Open (Cancelled) Wimbledon
15th-17th Aug Carlton & Dunlop Doubles World Champs
& English Open (WT*)(7th) sponsored by Planancy
26th-28th Sep Scottish Open (WT*)(7th) Edinburgh
13th Sep
South of London Open (1st)
9th Nov Hampshire Open (3rd)
13th-14th - Dec Hull Open (Cancelled) Hull

2008 Non Tour Events

3rd May
University of Aberdeen Aberdeen
25th May
Woodford Wells Club Woodford Green
27th-29th Aug Amida Hampton 
8th-10th Oct
Amida Hampton
15th Nov
Newcastle University

2007 British Tour Events

20th/21st Jan English Championships (1st)
17th/18th Mar South of England Open (2nd) Eastbourne
7th/8th Apr British Championships (2nd) Hatfield
28th April Teesside Open (1st) Middlesbrough
2nd Jun Hampshire Open (2nd) Eastleigh
28th Jul London Open (1st) Wimbledon
17th-19th Aug English Open (6th) Redbridge
21st-23rd Sep Scottish Open (6th) Edinburgh

2006 British Tour Events

1st/2nd Apr British Championships (1st) Dudley
Doubles Thurrock
Hampshire Open (1st)
South of England Open (1st)
Sep East Anglian Open Ipswich
22nd-24th Sep Scottish Open (5th) Edinburgh
19th-22nd Oct English Open (5th) Birmingham

2005 British Tour Events
19th-21st Aug British Championships (Cancelled)
23rd-25th Sep Scottish Open (4th) Edinburgh
15th/16th Oct English Open (4th)

2004 British Tour Events
2nd-4th Apr British Open (2nd) Watford
7th-8th Aug Scottish Open (3rd) Monifieth
17th-19th Sep Welsh Open (CANCELLED) Cardiff
9th/10th Oct English Open (3rd) Heston

2003 British Tour Events
12th/13th Apr British Open (1st)
16th/17th Aug Scottish Open (2nd) Monifieth
4th/5th Oct English Open (2nd)

2002 British Tour Events
10th/11th Aug Scottish Open (1st) Monifieth
5th/6th Oct English Open (1st) Heston

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International Calendar History